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Why do some applications you approve end up with your competition? How are those apps performing? Were you better off losing them? What can you do to win more quality apps? Tired of the guesswork? A Lost Sales Analysis can help answer your questions, and more.

defi ANALYTICS offers a first-of-its-kind service from an LOS provider. Because we love our lenders and love offering them -- small, mid-size, or large -- the freedom to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, we are offering a quarterly Lost Sales Analysis service.


With a Lost Sales Analysis, you can:

  • Discover why your competition is winning deals.
  • See how your deal structures stack up against the competition.
  • Learn how external factors affect the loan process.
  • Find out how your lost apps are performing.

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Armed with these insights, you’re able to reassess decisions, develop winning deal structures, and ultimately increase your capture rate of apps that will perform over the life of the loans. A Lost Sales Analysis can be invaluable to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve partnered with Equifax to make the process easy and cost effective for our lender community.

We do the legwork. You get the benefits.

  • We gather and format key data points for you quarterly.
  • We decipher the data and present the findings to you.
  • We help you better understand your dealers, and which of them are providing the best service to you.
  • You save time and costs up to 900% as compared to working directly with a credit bureau.

Here is some of the information you get with a Lost Sales Analysis.*

  • Loan characteristics (LTV, APR, Term, Payment Amount, etc.)
  • Loan performance (Current Status, Delinquency, etc.)
  • Vehicle details (Year, Make, Model)
  • Dealer details (Dealer Name and Address)
  • Competitor details (Lost to Lender Name)

*Select states restrict the use of some or all data. Contact us for details.