A flexible loan origination software platform for your auto lending needs.

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Configure reports and perform high-caliber data analysis on your own. With defi ANALYTICS, capabilities that were once the exclusive domain of large lenders bring insight to lenders of all sizes.


Fully-configurable dashboards

Your data is modeled to give you the freedom to explore, design, and build the perspectives that matter to YOU.

Fully-Configurable Analytics Dashboard

All of the benefits

The defi ANALYTICS configurable reporting platform offers fully-configurable reports in an out-of-the-box systems without the time and costs of other systems.


Comparison of defi ANALYTICS, OOB, Inhouse Design 

defi LOS integration

defi ANALYTICS is integrated into the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Origination Software platform, giving your team members easy, single sign-on access to the data and insights they need to work smarter.

Access from the LOS dashboard

Complete control

You are in complete control. Your underwriters see underwriting dashboards, your funders see funding dashboards. You have the power to put relevant insights in front of the right people.

Auto lenders control access