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defi ANALYTICS is an innovative offering from defi SOLUTIONS, the most flexible loan origination software platform that fuels auto lenders’ ability to compete efficiently. By leveraging defi’s technology, lenders can increase applications, streamline funding, and gain actionable insights from the collection, analysis, and custom reporting based on a lender’s originations data.

The defi ANALYTICS and defi LOS platforms are affordable, scalable and easily accessible from mobile devices. The systems provide the flexibility needed to manage the application lifecycle as well as easy-to-use reporting that allows lenders to better understand their loan portfolios.

At defi, we know our systems are only as good as the people behind them and we take that seriously.




The defi ANALYTICS and defi SOLUTIONS teams are headed by CEO and Founder Stephanie Alsbrooks, COO Georgine Muntz, CPO Kartheek Veeravalli, and CTO Rob Dufalo.


Stephanie Alsbrooks

Stephanie has more than eighteen years’ experience in leading and creating risk-based technology solutions for auto lending and emergency cash for companies such as AmeriCredit, Sixth Gear, ThinkCash and others.


Georgine Muntz

Georgine has more than 20 years’ experience in the delivery, development and management of technology solutions for companies such as AmeriCredit, Exeter, American Airlines and Umpqua Bank. These auto industry veterans and technology activists have a mission to make sure lenders have all the freedom they need to take their loan originations to whole new level.


Kartheek Veeravalli

Kartheek Veeravalli’s passion is product management and analytics. He brings 10+ years’ experience with companies like FICO, Sixth Gear, and Think to make sure that defi ANALYTICS and the defi LOS offers lenders the data they need and the effortless ability to control they way they do business.


Rob Dufalo

With more than 14 years in various engineering roles at Microsoft, Rob Dufalo has a list of accomplishments that includes the successful management to release of multiple V1 projects. Rob holds two patents and has been featured at industry-leading conferences, such as the Consumer Technology Association CES and the Microsoft Build Developer Conference.